300 Club

pile-of-numbersWe’re delighted to tell you we have sold all 300 tickets for 2021’s draws. This is the first time it’s happened. We’d like to thank everyone for continuing with their numbers or buying new tickets. At a time when hiring income is precarious, the 300 Club provides BHVH with valuable funds to keep running.

Tickets will go on sale for 2022 in October this year. They cost £10 each or you can purchase 3 tickets for £2.50 per month, or 6 tickets for £5 per month by setting up a standing order (12 monthly payments). There are 5 prizes each month; 1 x £50, 1 x £25, 2 x £20, 1 x £10.
Contact James Gates 01793 731197 or 07789 199831. Or ask any committee member.

There are 12 draws, one each month starting January through to December. Winners are announced in the Local News, BHVH Newsletter and here on the Broad Hinton web site each month. Half the money raised goes to the Village Hall the other half is used as prize money.


September 300 Club Winners
£50     267     Nick Moakes
£25     163     Jon Candy
£20     120     Clare Malcolm
£20     10       Terri Thompson
£10     172     James Gates