2013 SS Farndale

SS Farndale 8
Flushed, and following the dizzy heights of their previous successes, the stalwart veterans of the Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomens’ Guild Dramatic Society are poised to conquer yet another dramatic idiom.  In romantic vein, their latest production is set aboard the luxury ocean-going liner SS Farndale Avenue for their excursion into the world of thirties musical comedy à la Noël and Gertie.  The ladies prove that the age of elegance, glamour and enchantment is not dead … well, not quite anyway.

Unfortunately, circumstances almost beyond their control threaten to wreck the evening’s entertainment:  Stage Manager Gordon manages almost everything from Flapper to Noël Nightingale, playwright extraordinaire, but never quite the stage.  A double-booked venue requires all Mrs Reece’s resources to rid them of a persistent DJ.  Nonetheless the ladies and Gordon, in true Farndale form, soar above such mundane matters to present a couple of catchy numbers and a stunning underwater sequence!

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