The Story So Far…

Broad Hinton Village Hall Logo“At the Heart of the Community”
The third Broad Hinton Village Hall was opened on 9 May 2009 by Councillor  Gretchen Rawlins and is run by a committee of local volunteer trustees.  Our aims:
Short term: To generate sufficient revenue through hiring income, fund-raising and donations to cover running costs and repayment of the Charity Bank loan.
Medium term: To achieve this without so much reliance on fund-raising and donations.
Longer term: Our target is to repay the loan by 2018.  Once this is achieved, we plan to give back to the community which has supported the building and maintenance of the hall.

The Story So Far…

1919 A wooden hut is moved from RAF Yatesbury to become the first Broad Hinton Village Hall
1963 After 17 years of fundraising to raise the necessary £6,000 – including deductions from farm-workers’ wages – a brick-built Village Hall is opened.  This second hall serves the communities of Broad Hinton, Winterbourne Bassett and Uffcott well for many years.
January  2008 ·         The committee decide it is unworkable to carry out necessary repairs and launch the appeal to raise funds for a new hall.  Rt. Hon. Michael Ancram QC MP becomes the Patron of the appeal.


·         The 1963 hall is finally demolished, to allow a new, larger Hall to be built on the same site.

May 2009 After only 16 months of fund-raising, our target of £560,000 is reached, benefitting from the following grants and contributions:


·         Mr Ancram and Mrs Rawlins influence Kennet District Council to award a £280,000 grant

·         Viridor Credits – £30,000 to the build

·         Hills Group Ltd. – £15,000 to the furnishings

·         The Garfield West Foundation – £5,000

·         The villagers of Broad Hinton, Uffcott and Winterbourne Bassett – £150,000  through individual donations and fund-raising

·         £100,000 is funded by a charity bank loan

Monthly repayments of £647 begin, with a final repayment date of 2034.  A lump sum of £4,500 is also paid off the loan

2010 ·         Wiltshire Council grants £3,000 towards building a patio at the back of the hall.


·         A lump sum of £3,000 is also paid off the loan

2011 Lump sums of £3,500, £4,000 and another £4,000 are paid off the loan throughout the year.
2012 Lump sums of £1,000 and £4,000 are paid off the loan throughout the year, at this point, the term has been reduced by 10 years, making the final repayment date 2024.
2013 Lump sums of £4,000 and £3,000 are paid off the loan throughout the year making the final repayment date January 2023
2014 ·         A lump sum of £3,000 is paid off the loan, further reducing the term by just under 3 years making the final repayment date December 2020.


·         In addition, in September, we increase the monthly payments to £815

·         £9,000 was added to the loan in October, to install solar panels on the roof

·         Despite this, we have still reached the magic figure of below £50,000; £48,000 to go

2015 ·         Repayments continue


·         In June, we receive an anonymous donation of £1,000, which we pay straight off the loan, making the balance just under £44,000

·         In September, we make a £7,000 payment, bringing the outstanding balance to just over £34,500

2016 ·         Up to May this year, we pay off another £6,000 extra capital.  Together with the normal monthly payments, this reduces the balance to £28,000.


·         In June we pay off a further £3,000 and we are down to just under £24,000

·         In July, we increase our regular monthly payments from £815 to £900

Our Goal is 2018

We actually finally paid off the loan in May 2017; an amazing achievement considering the original date was 2034!

Flyers and posters about the Village Hall:
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