2015 Aladdin

Directed by Marilyn Martin
Aladdin Programme 2015 v3
Aladdin 2015 poster

This year in her Director’s message in the programme, Marilyn explained that the success of any BHADS production lies not only with the actors out on the stage but with a team of people who behind the scenes support the actors and who are an integral part of our dramatic society.  She thanked them for their advice and support in bringing together this production of Aladdin.  We reproduce her tributes here:

Dave Eagle for his quietly efficient stage management and ingenious props making.
Steve Cutler who brings the production alive with his music and sound effects.
Sally Cartwright and Mary Hudson for creative costumes that bring colour and style.
Mark Cooper and Andrew Simmonds for their imaginative lighting and special effects.
Jenny Clarke and Candace Gaisford who ensure that the stage is set correctly and the curtains are open and closed on time.
Jenny Oakshott for her tireless and efficient prompting.
Alex Larcohe who brings the production to life with her artistic scenery.
Liz Moakes for her practical advice and well-designed and original posters and programme.

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