Hiring Rates

Our venue is fully licensed for a pay-bar, we ask for a £35 donation for each hiring, towards our licence fee Wiltshire Councils charges us. Detailed hiring rates are shown in the table below, all valid for 2021, but here are a couple of examples:

If you’re a resident of the Parish of Broad Hinton, you can hire our hall for very competitive rates:
For a party or wedding reception, you can hire the hall and the separate meeting room, all day and evening for only £150.
We accommodate arts, craft and fitness classes.  The main hall for a couple of hours during the day or evening costs £24.

Businesses can hire too, so suggest it to your company.  Again, rates are very competitive:
For a large meeting or conference, the main hall for three hours during the day is only £60.
For smaller numbers, the separate meeting room is a great option.  Businesses can hire it for two hours during the day for only £30.

To cover the cost of cleaning the hall, please note, if the hall is booked for one hour or less, there is a minimum hiring fee of £10.

If you live in the Parish, we charge a refundable deposit of £250. If you do not live in the Parish, we charge a refundable deposit of £750. These are fully refundable, providing no extra cleaning costs are incurred and that there is no damage to the hall or its contents.

When booking the hall the main hirer must declare if they are a Parish resident or live outside the Parish. Hirers from outside the Parish are not permitted to book the hall through friends or family who live in the Parish unless the friend or family member is responsible for the hiring charge payments and is liable under the terms and conditions for using the hall. If the hall is hired via a friend or family member they must be the named hirer and Invoices will be submitted to their contact address.
Hire charges are reviewed at the end of each financial year. These charges are effective from 3rd November 2021.