Tennis Tournament

tennis ball and racquetBroad Hinton Tennis Tournament has been run for many years now, by Nick & Liz Moakes, Sally Cartwright and John Hutchings, who generously open their gardens and tennis courts.  It was born to raise money for Broad Hinton Village Hall, particularly towards paying off the Charity Bank loan.  This year, the tournament raised a magnificent £710. Great work!

As well as the tennis, we also did a mass, impromptu set of 22 press-ups in support of Craig Thomson and Casey Pruet, who are engaged in the 22 press-up for 22 days challenge.  This challenge is raising awareness of the 22 daily suicides in the US/UK services and veteran communities as a consequence of mental health issues. Their challenge is even tougher, as they add 22 press ups each day to the increasing running total, meaning that across the 22 days, they will reach a total of 5,566 press-ups. The final day’s 484 will be completed at Broad Hinton’s Village Fete on Saturday 3 September. Donations to Rock2Recovery can be made using this link.