Fashion Show & Sale

After much delay, due to the pandemic, the fashion event eventually took place on Saturday 11th September in Broad Hinton Village Hall. The general opinion seemed to be that it was worth the wait. There was an atmosphere of excitement and a real buzz in the room. It was good to see the ladies looking so happy and enjoying the event.

The event started with a fashion show with six models, five of whom were from the local area. They all did a splendid job of showing off the clothes that Travelling Trends has brought to the hall. A big thanks you to our models.

There were 18 racks of clothes, mostly from high street stores and a few boutiques, as well as tables loaded with accessories. Everything was at very competitive prices and having seen the items modelled it made the choice of what to buy much easier.

There was also a raffle of ‘treats’ and one of the committee members had generously given a flight in a light aircraft for two as an auction prize.

The Village Hall committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all the ladies who supported the event, many of them having paid at the end of 2019 or early in 2020.

We were fortunate that it was a mild and pleasant evening and we were able to have the windows and doors open to allow plenty of ventilation. We hope all the ladies stayed safe and enjoyed the occasion. Thank you for coming.