Broad Hinton Stakes

Race Night watercolour
The third of our BHVH Race Nights was on Saturday 16th April 2016.

We raised over £1,000 towards BHVH funds.

Our Race Night are a bit different from the standard ones where you watch a film.

Those of you who’ve been before, know these horses are powered by human energy!


001It’s competitive – five lanes of wooden horses (which look like this) and the only way to get them to move is for the “jockeys” to wind energetically.

Theoretically those who are good at winding ropes should be good at this (or so we thought Mark Hodges!) but that’s not always the case.

There are lots of ways to enjoy yourself.  You can own and name a horse and choose your jockey.  Or sponsor and name a race.  There’s one race reserved for auction on the night. You can visit the tote to bet on a friend’s race, or a jockey you like the look of.  Or simply enjoy the spectacle of the jockeys frantically winding those horses.




At the end of the night of course, there’s the exciting final with winners from all five races to place your bets on.

Here are the winners from the last event (l-r) Rob, Pippa Moakes & Tony Edwards.