Auction of Promises

To help raise money for the Church, welcome to our virtual Auction of Promises. As you know our fundraising efforts have been curtailed by COVID and we need your support to fund our local ministry, their work in schools, and to keep the church building open and maintained. We are thrilled with the promises received, thank you to all those who are offering their time, talents and services.

Now…bidding time!

1. Review the list of Promises above, ranging from pub meals, to sporting events, to home cooked meals, to babysitting, and everything in-between

2. Decide what you would like to bid on, and email the Lot Number together with your bids to Paul Huggins (or call 01793 731731)

3. The highest bid received per Lot wins!

4. You will be notified after the bidding has closed if your bid has been successful or not