White Horse Garden Club

Put simply, we are a group of people who like growing things. To further our knowledge we meet up once a month in the village hall and over a cuppa and biscuits talk plants. Some even manage to talk in Latin but not too many!! We range in abilities from experienced old hands (literally) to novice, but all have a desire to extend our repertoire in matters horticultural.

Some of us grow wonderful vegetables and have a glut of courgettes come August. Others can only manage knobbly beans and alphabet carrots, (they are the sort that come out of the ground S-shaped or miraculously B-shaped!) but successfully grow beautiful flowers.

During the winter months November to April we have a programme of speakers who talk on a range of subjects as diverse as “How to make a Trug”, “Plants for Alkaline soils” to “Growing plants to encourage Bees”.

Bowood walled garden herbaceous border

Herbaceous Border Walled Garden Bowood

Then in the summer months, May to September we visit local gardens, usually those open under the NGS (National Garden Scheme), but this year we also visited Bowood House for a guided tour of their private walled gardens. They all have tea and cake somewhere in the visit, we do have our weaknesses! If you would care to come along and join in you would be very welcome and you can grow whatever you like but not cannabis, the local constabulary might have a view on that!

We meet on the 2nd Wednesday in the month in the Village Hall at 7.30pm for our winter speakers. Our summer garden visits are obviously during the day-time.  Annual subscription is £20 pp but you can try us out as a guest for £3.00

Mary Hudson             Chair         01793 731083
Marilyn Martin           Secretary  01793 731521
Geoff Martin              Treasurer  a/a